January 17, 2016

Syrian Refugee Family

Thank you for your most generous response in raising upwards of $33,000 and for your continued commitment to bring a Syrian refugee family to our St. Helen parish. To date, we can share that the paperwork has been sent to a central processing centre in Winnipeg for our application to support this Catholic family from Damascus, Syria, now living in Lebanon. The family includes parents and their nine-year-old twin children, a boy and a girl. The St. Helen Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Committee met again this week to continue organizing the many details for providing housing and supports to welcome and help the family begin a new life in our community. We will soon be reaching out to parishioners for support in areas where your assistance will be needed. Please pray for the safety of our family as they await the necessary screening and approvals. We will keep you apprised of all news as it becomes available. To contact the committee, please email us.

 “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Matthew 25:35